East Coast Retailer Gains Improved Accuracy and 25% Boost in Productivity


This retail furniture chain struggled with production of their weekly circulars, ROP and POP sales materials. Recurring problems with incorrect logos and images were damaging the company’s brand. For example, color-corrected images would inadvertently be replaced with dated images; updated logos were bypassed for obsolete versions still residing on the server. This consistently elongated workflows, resulting in lost production time and escalating costs.

To better manage and control the production process, the company began reaching out to its trusted partners for recommendations on premedia and asset management solutions. One of their primary printers suggested including RPR in the RFP process.


Based on its 50 years of production workflow experience, RPR’s response to the RFP delivered exactly what the retailer needed — a customized solution that complemented its existing workflow. Using the knowledge gained from streamlining its own internal workflows using the latest technology, RPR created a customized, web-based digital asset management solution long before the industry recognized the need for such a system.


Within the first three months, the company’s new digital asset management solution drove a 25% increase in productivity and reduction of errors. Today, RPR’s solutions are fully integrated not only in the chain’s advertising and marketing departments, but enterprise-wide, including the accounting and research departments.

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