Frequently Asked Questions: Digital Asset Management (DAM)

  •  How can a DAM system help our team work more efficiently?

The right DAM is designed around your workflow — how you produce, store, access and search for digital files. It reduces frantic searching for the right image or document, emailing huge files that clog bandwidth, and the headaches of version control.

  • What’s the first step in choosing a DAM system?

Giving some thought to your organization’s unique needs. How can file directories be structured for maximum productivity? What keywords and metadata can be used to make assets easy to find? Who will have access to the system and what are their levels of technical expertise? RPR’s thorough assessment walks you through these issues and more, helping to minimize ramp-up time and deliver a solution that works with your workflow, not against it.

  • What assets fall under the digital asset spectrum?

Digital assets can include everything from photographs and logos to pdfs, native layout files, videos, PowerPoint presentations and flash files. They generally fall into three categories:

Graphics: Images such as jpegs and gifs
Rich media: Flash, audio, video, codecs and streaming media
Complex media: Animation, large video files, high-resolution images, 3D graphics

  • How can DAM help me with social media or content marketing?

By keeping your marketing assets organized and accessible, RPR can simplify the process of managing and leveraging content such as white papers, reports, images and videos across various social channels.